When calling a service technician, have as much information of the product and the problem you are having ready for the technician. Information that the service technician will want will be the brand of the equipment, model of the equipment, serial number and in larger facilities with more than one unit of the same type a machine number. Then of course what the problem is and the best description of the problem. This will save you and the service technician time and of course money.

Strength Equipment:

Daily Inspections:

  • - All equipment should be cleaned and inspected for normal function
  • - Inspections of cables and belts for signs of wear and proper tension, replace at first signs of wear, fraying or bulging
  • - Pulleys, cams and upholstery inspections, repair or replace at first signs of wear.
  • - Inspect frame, seats, handles and pop pins for missing hardware and re-tighten as necessary
  • - Inspect, clean and lube guide rods


  • - Inspect and re-tighten all hardware
  • - Test each piece, make sure each piece is functioning properly

Cardio Equipment:

In general, keeping your equipment clean will help with many issues. Machines that are dirty typically have to work harder, putting strain on the components. This will cause the machine to act sluggish, run hotter and just generally not run smooth. Treadmills especially, collect dirt and dust in the motor compartment, this dirt gets into the boards, motors and under the walking belt. The dust and grime in the motor and boards cause the treadmill to run hotter and cause many heat issues. The dirt and grime under a walking belt cause the belt to prematurely wear and also make the motor work harder. Keeping these machines clean will insure a longer lasting, smoother running machine.

Cardio machines should be inspected on a daily basis. During the general inspection, make sure of the following:

  • - Machine functions normal
  • - All buttons on keyboards working properly
  • - Machine is level and not rocking or wobbly
  • - Frame, arms, pedals any moving parts are secure and functioning normal
  • - Machine is running smooth with no weird noises or error codes of any kind

Facilities should report any signs of damaged equipment or irregular sounds to the service company or service technician immediately upon discovering them. This will assist with catching the problems with the machines before they get worse as well prevent someone from getting hurt on a machine that is not functioning properly.