Beyond the Basics has over 35 collective years of experience in delivering large orders of commercial fitness equipment in fitness rooms of varying sizes. It is the goal of Beyond the Basic’s is to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers. We want to provide prompt, competent and effective deliveries and service of all our products.

Beyond The Basics has access to research showing the relationship between services request and how often the issue is related to the original installation. What has been discovered is 92.3% of the problems detected in the first year of ownership were due to improper installation. Proper installation can help avoid unnecessary service charges and product down time.

Beyond the Basics offers a comprehensive installation process that includes unpacking equipment from box material, removal of packaging material and set up of equipment in the designated location.

Once the equipment is in place, Beyond the basic will complete the following steps.

  • - Check electrical connections
  • - Check proper amperage draw
  • - Check drive belt tension
  • - Verify drive belt alignment
  • - Verify speed sensor alignment
  • - Verify walking belt tension
  • - Verify walking belt alignment
  • - Verify front roller alignment
  • - Verify rear roller alignment
  • - Verify software – program function
  • - Verify heart rate control inspection
  • - Verify upper board testing
  • - Verify power supply
  • - Elevation gears test
  • - Elevation mounts inspected
  • - Elevation wheels tested
  • - Elevation sensor tested
  • - Diagnostics feature tested
  • - All screws tightened, aligned and in place with shroud after testing