Spin Bikes:

Star Trac Spinner® BLADE ION

  • Simple and intuitive computer display with large, easy to read data.
  • Integrated power (watts) system utilizing strain-gauge technology that actual power output.
  • Environment- friendly, self-powering flywheel generator reduces battery consumption.
  • Patent-pending taper fit bottom bracket and pedal system for increased strength and durability.
  • Superior biomechanics with a bottom bracket Q factor of 158mm..
  • Powerful chain drive system delivers an authentic riding feel.

Box Master

The BoxMaster® is a new form of boxing style conditioning that will wow your clients. With the ability to cater to all types of members, the BoxMaster will excite and encourage greater participation in boxing style fitness training. For the first time ever the BoxMaster creates the ultimate boxing training station. The key to it's design is the spring system attached to each pad. These springs have been set up to replicate punching a focus mitt, by offering a slight "give" in the pads on impact. Each pad has been set up specifically to replicate different styles of punching, allowing the participant to throw any punch, or any combination of punches.


Rubber Flooring

A fabulous variety of available colors and chip size combinations enable you to design the perfect floor for your application. Rolls eliminate seams and afford a more practical and less expensive installation.