7 October 2014
Category: Testimonials
7 October 2014,

In December 2012, Trico Centre purchased the following equipment: 12 Treadmills, 12 Ellipticals, 6 Upright Bikes, 6 Recumbent Bikes and a CrossCore Rack. We chose Beyond the Basics fitness over other fitness equipment dealers for the following reasons;

  • their willingness to assist us in research and decision making (assessing our customers needs)
  • their reputation in the industry
  • their willingness to assist us in all aspects of the project (i.e., electrical, fitness centre design and moving equipment)
  • the quality of products they sell
  • the quality of talent they have on their sales and technical team
  • the services they provide on a long term basis


Since the equipment arrived 3 months ago, we’ve had minimal issues. When contacting Beyond the Basics for equipment repair and replacement, I have a reply within 24 hours and most times the machine has been fixed or the part replaced right away.


Beyond the Basic takes pride in what they do and the facilities they service. They understand the business and deliver on what they promise.

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