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Atlantis Belt Squat

 The Atlantis Strength Belt Squat is a Plate Loaded Machine that is a highly specialized piece of gym equipment designed to target the lower body muscles, specifically the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes, without putting any pressure on the spine. It is a great alternative to traditional barbell squats and offers a unique way to train the legs.

The machine is plate loaded, which means that the resistance is provided by weight plates that are loaded onto the machine. This allows users to easily adjust the amount of weight they are lifting, making it suitable for beginners and advanced lifters alike. The belt squat feature allows users to focus on their legs without the added pressure on their back that traditional squats can cause. This is especially beneficial for individuals with lower back pain or spinal injuries who want to train their legs but are unable to do so with traditional squatting exercises.

The Atlantis Belt Squat is designed to provide a safe and effective way to load the hips during the squat motion, without placing unnecessary stress on the upper neck and spine. The belt squat allows the lifter to stand on a platform while wearing a belt that attaches to the machine creating a vertical pulling force that loads the hips and legs. This design allows the lifter to maintain an upright torso, which is crucial for developing proper squat mechanics and reducing the risk of injury. The Atlantis Belt Squat is an excellent tool for lifters of all levels who want to build strength and power in their lower body while minimizing stress on their upper neck and spine.

The Belt Squat features a comfortable belt that wraps around the waist, allowing users to perform squats without any strain on their shoulders or back. The machine also has a wide, stable platform that allows users to get into a comfortable position and perform squats with proper form. The footplate is wide and deep which allows users to find the perfect foot position to target specific muscle groups.

The machine's design is sturdy and durable, with heavy-duty steel construction that can withstand heavy use in a commercial gym environment. The machine is also designed to take up minimal space, making it suitable for smaller gyms and high end training facilities.

Overall, the Atlantis Strength Belt Squat is an excellent addition to any gym looking to offer a safe and effective alternative to traditional squatting exercises. It provides a unique way to target the lower body muscles, without putting any pressure on the spine, making it suitable for individuals with lower back pain or spinal injuries. With its sturdy construction and adjustability, it is a great investment for any gym looking to offer their members a comprehensive lower body workout.


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