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What Can We Build Together?

Their founders were icons. Their products revolutionized workouts. Their insights have driven industries. Their people have helped millions build muscle, confidence and performance. They've been through a lot, and came out stronger. Today – together – they're keeping that heritage alive, and building on it.

With a portfolio of intelligently designed, reliable products, owners around the world know they can count on CORE for expertise and equipment for every corner – and every member – of their facility. That’s probably because they know who they are: a group of people who have been fitness experts and enthusiasts from the beginning.

At Core they believe that culture is the foundation for success and their Core Values are the mortar that holds it all together.

Why did we chose to represent the CORE group of brands?

Each of the CORE brands are pioneers in their field.  They understand the demands of the market better than anyone, and they deliver each and every time.  They know what exercisers are looking for today, and they know what they will be wanting tomorrow.  Simply put, CORE allows us to deliver results!

CORE Products are woven throughout our site.  Explore our commercial products to discover more.

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At Beyond the Basics Fitness, we provide you with quality products and optimal solutions to keep your fitness facility operating at the highest level. Let us help you make the most of your facility because our success depends on yours.
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