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Functional Trainers

Functional trainers have become increasingly popular in recent years as people look for efficient and effective ways to improve their fitness and overall health. These machines are designed to mimic real-life movements and activities, which can help individuals improve their strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and overall functional fitness.

One of the main benefits of functional training machines is that they allow individuals to perform a variety of different exercises that target multiple muscle groups and movement patterns. This is in contrast to traditional weightlifting machines, which typically isolate a specific muscle group or movement pattern. By using functional training machines, individuals can perform exercises that are more closely aligned with the activities and movements they perform in their daily lives. This can result in improved overall fitness and a reduced risk of injury.

Cable machines feature a pulley system that allows individuals to perform a wide range of exercises, including rows, chest presses, squats, lunges, and so much more. These machines are versatile and can be adjusted to accommodate different body positions and movement patterns. Cable machines also provide a constant resistance throughout the range of motion, which can help individuals develop greater strength and muscle endurance.

Functional trainers, also known as dual adjustable pulleys, require a great deal of core stabilization and balance, which can help individuals improve their overall functional fitness. The commercial functional trainers are smooth and quiet and using them regularly can result in improved strength, power, and endurance.

At Beyond the Basics Fitness Equipment, we have many options for functional trainers. Atlantis NM205 Dynamic Functional Training system, Precor FTS Glide, Nautilus Dual Adjustable Pulley,  True XFT900 Functional Trainer, TKO Functional trainer, just to name a few. All these top of the line machines will hold up in your fitness centre for years to come and provide your members a great machine to do almost any lifting movement in a safe and controlled manner.


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