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The Atlantis Viking Press

The Atlantis Strength Viking Press is a piece of equipment used in strength training that is designed to mimic the movement patterns involved in lifting and pressing heavy objects overhead. It is a popular tool used by powerlifters, strongmen, and other athletes to improve upper body strength and build muscle mass in the shoulders, triceps, and upper back.

The Viking Press consists of a long vertical post with a series of handles at the top, which are used to load weight plates onto the apparatus. The lifter stands in front of the post and uses a pair of angled handles to press the weight overhead. The design of the Viking Press allows for a more natural and ergonomic pressing motion than other overhead pressing equipment, making it easier to target specific muscle groups and minimize strain on the joints.

One of the key benefits of the Viking Press is that it allows for greater range of motion than traditional overhead presses. This is because the lifter can move the handles away from their body during the lift, which allows for a greater stretch in the shoulders and upper back. This increased range of motion is particularly beneficial for athletes who are trying to improve their mobility and flexibility, as well as those who are recovering from shoulder or back injuries.

Another advantage of the Viking Press is that it allows for greater loading capacity than other pressing equipment. Because the lifter is using their entire body to lift the weight, rather than just their arms and shoulders, they can lift more weight than they would be able to with a traditional overhead press. This makes the Viking Press an effective tool for building strength and muscle mass in the upper body.

In addition to its functional benefits, the Viking Press is also a visually striking piece of equipment. Its distinctive design and imposing size make it a popular choice for gym owners and fitness enthusiasts who want to create a unique and challenging training environment.

Overall, the Atlantis Strength Viking Press PW549 is a versatile and effective tool for building upper body strength and muscle mass. Its unique design allows for a greater range of motion and loading capacity than traditional overhead presses, making it a valuable addition to any strength training program. Whether you are a powerlifter, strongman, or general fitness enthusiast, the Viking Press is a challenging and rewarding way to build upper body strength and improve your overall fitness.


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