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Why Your Fitness Facility Layout and Design is So Important

Design and layout are key factors for optimal use of your fitness facility. Regardless of whether the facility is a conventional gym or located in a hotel, condo complex, hospital or rehabilitation centre, here are some basic tips for designing and maintaining a layout that keeps your users coming back.

Assess the Need

Designs that make sense in the drawings don’t always translate well to actual use. Many fitness centres target certain demographics or such as weight training or spin studios, and those elements need to be a key consideration.  

Check out other facilities and observe what the members are doing. Document what seems to be working, and what’s not working, and let that guide your specifications.

Even after the facility is fully operational and in use, needs should be re-assessed periodically to determine where there may be room for improvement. Your users are a valuable source of information so provide ways for them to share their feedback.

Observe Peak Time  

Most fitness facilities have defined peak times when it can be challenging for users to access a piece of equipment or to participate in a class. Observe your facility during typically busy times to determine where there may be inefficiencies and bottlenecks and then act to address them. This could be as simple as moving equipment or may require some more complicated reconfiguring.

If users are consistently held up they may become frustrated enough to go elsewhere so it’s worth the time and effort to assess, and address, the situation.

Go With the Flow

Know what your average user’s typical workout looks like so you can ensure the current arrangement of equipment and accessories facilitates their activities. For example, facilities that have a high level of cross-fit users will group equipment in a way that makes it efficient for them to easily move through their workout. Again, listen to your staff and users and act on their input whenever possible.

Make it Modern

Functionality may be the focus, but aesthetics and media play a large role. Modern, well-thought-out decor is appreciated by those who spend precious hours in your facility. Effective storage solutions and cleaning will go a long way toward achieving a pristine, organized facility that inspires trust and confidence

Today’s successful fitness facilities also know technology can make all the difference. Excellent connectivity, quality sound systems and media According to an Appheros report titled “How Mobile Technology is Creating New Opportunities for the Health Club Industry”, 33% of gym members would be willing to switch gyms for better technology if the price and location were similar, and 72% of exercisers use technology to support their workouts.

Keep Track

Continually track usage patterns, bottlenecks and collect feedback from staff and users to readjust as required. This is an ongoing process as demographics and fitness trends change, and what works today may not have the same effect in a few years.


Beyond the Basics Fitness are experts in facility design and layout, in addition to offering quality commercial equipment and accessories, flooring, storage and cleaning solutions. We are your one-stop-shop and would love to help you create, equip and maintain your fitness facility.

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