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Intenza 550C Escalate Stairlcimber

Intenza 550C Escalate StairlcimberBack

Intenza 550C Escalate Stairlcimber
Intenza 550C Escalate Stairlcimber
Intenza 550C Escalate Stairlcimber
Intenza 550C Escalate Stairlcimber
Intenza 550C Escalate Stairlcimber


Intenza / HealthStream
  • E Console (Entertainment)
  • I Console (Interactive)
Speed Range
16 to 180 Steps per Minute
Incline Range
20 to 40 degree incline angle
76" x 33.8" x 83.8"H
Stride Length
4" to 7.7" adjustable step height
Product Weight
739 lbs
Weight Capacity
400 lbs


Escalate.   The Ultimate User Experience.   Setting a new standard, the Escalate 550 Series redefines the stairclimber product category through its Smart Step—Height™ value proposition by offering the broadest range of users from fitness enthusiasts, who recognise the value in being able to regulate step height intensity to active agers, to beginners or those engaging in post—surgery progressive exercise, a spectrum of 20 different step heights 4” through 7.7”.   Variations in incline, speed and exercise settings allow for a training and exercise experience that is more versatile than any other stairclimber has been able to offer.

Key Features

  • Available with Entertainment or Interactive Console
  • Magnetic control generator braking system
  • E-Consoles allow for users to display content directly from their cell phone utilizing IntenzaCast via WiFi, and Virtual Scenery
  • 20 Different Languages available in E-Consoles
  • I-Console units are self powered, and offer Uni-Dial Control for intuitive and simple user interface


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